Home-Selling Habits That Can Sabotage Your Sale

Dated: May 31 2024

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Home Selling

Even when listings get offers within days of hitting the market, selling a home can be a long and complex process. Here are a few “bad habits” of selling and what to do instead!

Rushing the Process

When there is a buying frenzy around the home’s initial listing, buyers may be rushed to make offers, possibly have second thoughts and back out early in the process.

Sellers are encouraged to carefully vett the buyer’s level of interest and qualifications. Multiple offers should be scrutinized to insure the best likelihood of a firm deal.

Forgoing Concessions

When the market favors sellers, eager buyers are less likely to ask for seller concessions in hopes of making their offer stronger.

But with today’s elevated home prices and high mortgage rates, buyers may need help generating the funds needed to close.

By being flexible and open toconcessions, sellers can attract more serious buyers and increase their chances of an accepted offer.

Overpricing the Listing

Listings get the most action in the first 30 days on the market. When a house

is priced too high, buyers may ignore it. If the listing languishes, buyers may think the seller is desperate and present low offers.

Sellers are encouraged to set a realistic price based on current market data.

With the right price, the listing will attract more buyers, potentially

generate competition and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Selling As-Is

Listing the home “As Is” means the property is being listed in its current condition without any repairs.

“As Is” can limit the pool of potential buyers due to the property condition not qualifying for financing.

Sellers who are willing to address essential repairs can widen the pool of potential buyers.

Pets at Home During Showings

Potential buyers want to focus on the home and its merits without navigating a family pet!

Sellers are advised to take their pets with them during showings, or keep them in a comfortable and confined area in the home. Notify showing agents if the pet will be in the house. Clean pet areas before every showing, including the yard!

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