Timnath Ranch

Beautiful newer neighborhood established in 2006. This neighborhood features a neighborhood swimming pool with a 20-foot slide, a clubhouse and a fitness center.

Neighborhood Quick Facts
  • Borders/Roads: Three Bells Parkway, Folsom Parkway, Summerfield Parkway
  • Neighborhood Schools: Bethke Elementary School, Preston Middle School, Fossil Ridge High School
  • Bike/Walking Paths: Timnath Ranch Trails
  • HOA Amenities: Pool, Rec center, Fitness center
Distance from Timnath Ranch to the following locations:
CSUI-25Old TownPoudre CanyonHorsetooth ReservoirHarmony Rd
8 mi2.20 mi8.50 mi14 mi 10.3 mi1 mi

The number of homes for sale in this area fluctuates throughout the year. If you don’t find what you are looking, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our agents!